2014 Membership Renewals

HTCIA membership renewal is upon us once again and we hope that you will consider renewing your dues with your chapter. There are so many benefits to membership in HTCIA!


To name just a few:

  1. Keep pace with the rapidly evolving world of cybercrime investigation and digital forensics
  2. Network with other technology crime professionals in your area and around the world
  3. Get cutting-edge information and tools through HTCIA education programs
  4. Learn about pressing international issues by attending the HTCIA Annual Conference & Training Expo (www.htciaconference.org). Members receive a substantial discount on registration fees!
  5. Meet and share strategies with colleagues locally through HTCIA chapter events
  6. Brainstorm 24/7 with the brightest investigative minds in the business on the HTCIA  List Serve
  7. Members receive discounts provided by our vendor partners
  8. HTCIA is your professional association. We need your ideas, your input, and your energy to keep us going strong!

We have made some changes to the membership renewal process and built in some added functionality to simplify the process, etc.

The changes to the process are as follows:

  1. Renewals for new members that have joined after November 18, 2013 will have an annual renewal date of the date they provided their initial new membership payment (i.e. if you paid for your new membership on November 20, 2013, your renewal will automatically become November 20, 2014).
  2. Renewals for existing members (prior to November 18, 2013) will continue to be on January 1 of each year
  3. If you do not renew your account on the specified renewal date, your access to the HTCIA member’s area as well as the Listserve will cease on the renewal date. You will still have access to the HTCIA site to be able to renew your membership past the renewal deadline, but your access will be limited to this.

Also, to renew, simply do the following:

  1. Log in to the htcia.org portal:


2. Click on the “My Profile” button:


3. Then click on the “Renew your Membership” link


4. The user can then select Credit card or pay by check payment. They fill in their billing information, then credit card (if they selected credit card), then their account is instantly renewed.


We have also made available the option of setting your account to auto-renew.  This will allow you to no longer have to worry about renewals each year. Your credit card will simply be charged each year on the renewal date. If your credit card expires or cannot be charged, you will receive an e-mail from our system advising you to reset your credit card information in our system.

Enabling auto-renewal is simply an option during the renewal process:


If you have any issues with the renewal process, aut0-renewal, please feel free to contact us via e-mail atwebsupport@htcia.org